Study/Analysis of naming and logos, suitable to specific product, or service, needs

Study/Analysis and definition of stylistic guidelines, to be congruent and cohesive to the whole communication campaign of a specific product, or service

Definition and design of corporate materials, able to guarantee stylistic continuity on the basis of Brand Identity principles

Coordinated imagine: definition and design of business cards, letterheads, corporate folders, brochures and catalogues, flyers and invitation cards, billboards and exhibition materials, packaging and labelling

Study/Analysis and definition of creative communication assests, printable and web

Photorealistic renders, animations and compositing

Video shooting and post production, SFX included. Promotional and corporate videos

Design or restyle of responsive website (cross-devices)

Website integration to CMS WordPress platform, UI customization for the best user-experience

Constant and sistematic update of the designed website

Latest Project

RORTOS – Airports 3D Models

Game Ready 3d Models

DIY360 – Diy Services and Network Web Site


Perp Games – Video Trailer The Ultimate VR Collection


Perp Games – Video Trailer The Assembly/Perfect


Stream Colors – International Game Camp 2017 Video Reel


Hainbun – User Interface Agos Caffè


Attitude Agency – Sharon Scolari Sponsoring Book


Forge Reply – Video Reel


Donna & Sport 2017 – Low Poly Shoes 3D Model